Want bouncy, glowing skin? Try stress protection.

You protect your skin from the sun.

Now protect it from stress.

Stress hurts our skin. But beauty brands ignore this.

Stress doesn’t just affect our mood. It affects our skin too.

Stress breaks down collagen, the protein that keeps our skin smooth and supple. This causes premature aging. 

We believe that a calm mental state is fundamental to skin quality. 

That's why we developed CalmComplex, a natural stress-protection formula present in HyperGlow Collagen. 

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HyperGlow Collagen Drink (15 Bottles)

Double the efficacy of collagen on your skin, with award-winning, stress-relief formulation, CalmComplex™. Sleep better and wake up to glowy skin tomorrow.


$5.99 / Bottle • 15 Bottles

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Designed to meet the needs of Asian women

In our study conducted on 52 Asian women between 28 and 54 years old,

felt improvements in their stress and mood after 30 days


observed fewer wrinkles and fine lines after 30 days

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