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Iron out wrinkles and fine lines, with our award-winning lifting wand.

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Awarded #1 Facial Device of 2024

TriTone™: 3-in-1 Instant Lifting Wand

$229.00 $329.00

Our award-winning TriTone Lifting Wand combines four science-backed skincare treatments in one portable, rechargeable tool:

  • Instant facial muscle lift with EMS

  • Red Light Therapy

  • Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

  • Facial Massage

Effective for:



Dull Skin

Sagging Jawline

Loose Skin

Low Collagen

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Free Returns • 60-Day Glow Guarantee • 1 Year Warranty

Results in minutes, not months.

Why users love TriTone

Results After 30 Days


of participants experienced

Tighter Skin


of participants experienced

Reduced Wrinkles


of participants experienced

Lifted Jawline

Based on a study of 28 people after 30 days using TriTone with the HydraPulse activation gel (included). Results may vary. Individual results may vary. 

We offer a 60-Day Glow Guarantee for all our products, so you can return them for a full refund if you're not 100% satisfied.

Proven results, backed by science.

TriTone uses clinically-proven technology, to deliver maximum results with zero invasiveness. Learn more about how TriTone works to:

  • Smooth fine lines

  • Boost skin glow

  • Decrease puffiness

  • Tighten sagging skin

  • Lift and tone

  • Stimulate collagen production

Does it really work?

Yes! TriTone is built with technology backed by decades of research.

You'll see visible results after just a few sessions, and this will continue to improve with regular use.

We’re so confident in its effectiveness that we offer a 60-Day Glow Guarantee. If you’re not loving your experience, simply return your device for a full refund - even if you've used it halfway.

Is TriTone safe?

Short answer? Yes!

TriTone complies with guidelines issued by the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore for aesthetic devices. The Health Sciences Authority does not consider TriTone as a high-risk device. 

Microcurrent, radiofrequency and red light treatments are popular, well-researched options for safe and effective skin lifting and renewal, and have been used in aesthetic clinics and salons for many years. 

In addition, TriTone has Conformité Européenne (CE) certifications for electronics safety.

However, TriTone is not suitable for the following persons:

• People with a cardiac pacemaker

• People with implanted defibrillators/stimulators

• People with electronic implanted devices or body aids

• People with a history of epilepsy or who may be subject to seizures

• People who have undergone eye surgery or other eye treatments / conditions

• People who have haemophilia or other blood disorders

• People who are immunocompromised or have weakened immunity

• Pregnant women

• People with cancer/tumors

• Children

How do I use TriTone™?

Using TriTone is easy. Simply apply the included HydraPulse gel, and glide TriTone over your desired treatment area. 

Each treatment usually lasts 5-10 minutes. 

Watch the video tutorial here.

How long does it take to see results?

TriTone provides a visible lifting effect after just 5 minutes of treatment.

With 5-7 treatments, you'll observe a tighter jawline, lifted cheeks and brows, and a more sculpted face. 

You'll start to see reduced wrinkles, firmer skin and increased glow around after 20-30 treatment sessions (~once a day).

60-Day Glow Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love our products, we offer a 60-Day Glow Guarantee. 

If it doesn’t work for you, send it back & we’ll refund you in full. (Yes, even if you've been using it for weeks.)

More information here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Quite expensive but not bad

Product came wrapped, quick delivery, but delivery man was didnt ring the bell?! Zzzz Can switch on the product when it arrived, hope it helps to lift the skin.

Chloe Tan
Really love the packaging

I like the minimalistic packaging from this brand. The pink is so pretty and even the adapter box also looks cute. The lifting wand feels nice on my my skin, and gives a bit of tingles so I know that it is working. Will consider getting this for friends and fam for christmas!!

not too intense muscle spams

I tried another device similar to this at a clinic and was very scarred by it because it felt too much. I gave this one a go bcos my friend recommended and I like that the intensity can be reduced and I still feel the spasms but it is not too much. Overall I do recommend this product.

Shi Min
It works

First timer here trying skincare device and so far I find it quite therapeutic to glide on my skin. My hubby also say can tell there is a difference!

Sleek and nice.

I love this device! I bought a cheaper one in the past, but that one was very heavy and I got tired of using it after a while. This device is small, lightweight and very aesthetic, so I have started doing it daily. Very happy to use it and I can see some difference even after just 2 uses. Recommended!

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We're so confident you'll love our products, we offer a 60-Day Glow Guarantee.

If it doesn’t work for you, send what you have back & we’ll refund you in full. (Yes, even if you've been using it for weeks.)

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