Isora Reviews

What others are saying about Isora Health.

Isora Reviews

Isora Reviews

What others are saying about Isora Health.

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Based on 171 reviews
Trying out the new collagen

It’s been 1 week since I started. Yet to have much difference. But it able to calm me down from my busy schedule. So i think it’s not bad, but will continue to drink to see better outcomes 😉

Quite expensive but not bad

Product came wrapped, quick delivery, but delivery man was didnt ring the bell?! Zzzz Can switch on the product when it arrived, hope it helps to lift the skin.

Really love the packaging

I like the minimalistic packaging from this brand. The pink is so pretty and even the adapter box also looks cute. The lifting wand feels nice on my my skin, and gives a bit of tingles so I know that it is working. Will consider getting this for friends and fam for christmas!!

not too intense muscle spams

I tried another device similar to this at a clinic and was very scarred by it because it felt too much. I gave this one a go bcos my friend recommended and I like that the intensity can be reduced and I still feel the spasms but it is not too much. Overall I do recommend this product.

It works

First timer here trying skincare device and so far I find it quite therapeutic to glide on my skin. My hubby also say can tell there is a difference!

Sleek and nice.

I love this device! I bought a cheaper one in the past, but that one was very heavy and I got tired of using it after a while. This device is small, lightweight and very aesthetic, so I have started doing it daily. Very happy to use it and I can see some difference even after just 2 uses. Recommended!

My mum likes it

My mum's birthday was coming and I saw that this collagen can reduce stress so I got it for her! She seems quite stressed from work recently and she says it tastes nice and it's good so far!

Effective collagen drink

good and effective. My fren reccommended me this brand and I have tried it for 1 week. Skin feels smoother and brighter.

Good experience and service

Speedy delivery. Item came well packed and glass bottles are tightly held together. Good service from the team who helped to change my delivery address. Tastes good too.

Pretty drink that tastes great!

LOVE THE TASTE! I tried other collagen drinks and they have this weird fishy taste. This drink doesnt have and feels like fruit juice. I cant wait to drink it every morning. So far my skin looks clearer and have fewer pre-period acne.

Enjoying it for 2 weeks

The tingling sensation is pretty subtle to me even at the highest strength. I do see my face slightly lifted after each usage. What I’m most amazed is how smooth my skin is after each usage. Like I felt that my skincare is being absorbed much more therefore resulting in ultra smooth skin. Skin is also visibly brighter. While I haven’t been most consistent with the usage, I will aim to do that moving forward to reap most benefit out of this investment!

HyperGlow Collagen Drink (15 bottles)

Speedy delivery & great customer service! Items came well packed and glass bottles are tightly held together with no fishy taste unlike other brands at all. Saw that this collagen can reduce stress and have fewer pre-period acne or after, because chronic stress will cause acne. I'm into 4th bottle for today. Hope it will help in my redness subsides and less acne. Can't wait to see the results in myself because there are so many good reviews for HyperGlow Collagen!

Hydrapulse gel

Smoothen my face and lifting too. My friends give good remark.

HyperGlow Collagen Drink (15 btls)

TriTone™ Starter Kit

I bought this because my sister refer it to me. I saw result in her and trust it will work for me too.

Great taste

Should be good and effective. Been seeing this brand on the internet and I have tried it for 1 week. Redness subsides. Skin feels smoother and brighter. Will continue for another 2 months and review again.

Review of TriTone

I've been using TriTone for the past two weeks and I could see results with consistent (daily) usage of 10 mins per day. My face feels and looks lifted. My forehead also has less lines (wrinkles) with continued daily usage.

Highly recommended

I’ve started drinking for a week and I have friends commenting about my skin… It’s good to see a slight difference though it has only been a week.

Hydrating, Non-Sticky Gel

I like that the gel is not sticky and gives a hydrating feel. Isora handheld device can glide over my face smoothly. The gel can be easily removed with water.

Awesome product

After drinking hyperglow collagen drink for a week, my skin has an obvious improvement and nature glow. Together with TriTone my overall skin texture and firmness really improved. Will definitely continue my journey with Isora

Love the glowing skin

Been trying hyperglow for few months, and i’m loving it, everyday wakeup with a clear and glowing skin ❤️


Good for my skin . 😆

i feel its easier for me to fall asleep and wake up feeling much better than before after taking the collagen drink. My skin felt smoother and i didnt change my skin routine. My colleague commented that my skin is more radiant now, not as dull after afew days of taking the drink. Happy with the product. :)

The delivery is prompt and drink is nice. I hope to see the result soon