Isora Reviews

What others are saying about Isora Health.

Isora Reviews

Isora Reviews

What others are saying about Isora Health.

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Based on 155 reviews
Trying out the new collagen

It’s been 1 week since I started. Yet to have much difference. But it able to calm me down from my busy schedule. So i think it’s not bad, but will continue to drink to see better outcomes 😉

Quite expensive but not bad

Product came wrapped, quick delivery, but delivery man was didnt ring the bell?! Zzzz Can switch on the product when it arrived, hope it helps to lift the skin.

Really love the packaging

I like the minimalistic packaging from this brand. The pink is so pretty and even the adapter box also looks cute. The lifting wand feels nice on my my skin, and gives a bit of tingles so I know that it is working. Will consider getting this for friends and fam for christmas!!

save me $$

I have been going to clinic for botox but I have to keep topping it up and it is so expensive each time. I tried this gadget for a few weeks instead to see if there is a difference. I think it's not a drastic change but it helps to tighten my skin and firm it up, so overall it still saves me some money from going to the doctor!!

not too intense muscle spams

I tried another device similar to this at a clinic and was very scarred by it because it felt too much. I gave this one a go bcos my friend recommended and I like that the intensity can be reduced and I still feel the spasms but it is not too much. Overall I do recommend this product.

It works

First timer here trying skincare device and so far I find it quite therapeutic to glide on my skin. My hubby also say can tell there is a difference!

Sleek and nice.

I love this device! I bought a cheaper one in the past, but that one was very heavy and I got tired of using it after a while. This device is small, lightweight and very aesthetic, so I have started doing it daily. Very happy to use it and I can see some difference even after just 2 uses. Recommended!

Great microcurrent device.

I was quite skeptical at first, so I did quite a bit of research since it was quite expensive.

There are other companies that also offer microcurrent devices (mostly from overseas). However, I settled on TriTone because it offers 3 technologies in one, without costing much more than those other devices. And I don't regret it.

TriTone is easy to use, lightweight and practical. In terms of results, I would say you would notice some difference quite quickly, although it can be minor or slightly noticeable. Longer-term use is supposed to be better, I will have to continue using this for longer before updating my review.

I don't ever want to do Botox, so this is a great alternative and also much cheaper.

My mum likes it

My mum's birthday was coming and I saw that this collagen can reduce stress so I got it for her! She seems quite stressed from work recently and she says it tastes nice and it's good so far!

Effective collagen drink

good and effective. My fren reccommended me this brand and I have tried it for 1 week. Skin feels smoother and brighter.

Good experience and service

Speedy delivery. Item came well packed and glass bottles are tightly held together. Good service from the team who helped to change my delivery address. Tastes good too.

Pretty drink that tastes great!

LOVE THE TASTE! I tried other collagen drinks and they have this weird fishy taste. This drink doesnt have and feels like fruit juice. I cant wait to drink it every morning. So far my skin looks clearer and have fewer pre-period acne.

Holy grail for my skincare!

Have tried many collagen and still went for Isora in the end because my skin issues are clearly due to stress and isora worked best :)

Firmer Skin!

Bought Isora TriTone as i read on the website that it can penetrate and muscle layers like botox. User studies and research results were also included. I like the feeling of muscles being worked as i glide the device over my face. After using it for 3 consecutive days, i can feel that my face is firmer and i see slight lifting result. Will continue using it for better results.

TriTone™ Starter Kit
Kueh Phay Chun

So far so good but I think the red light too bright


Good and still monitoring

First time user

Isora has instant effect, I feel my skin supple and glowing. Has been looking for supplement drink that could helps my skin improve with acne, I think this is the one.


Had been using it daily since i got it a week ago! was amazed with the results i see and i am highly motivated to use it also due to the light weight of the device. Previously i have used one that was much heavier and ended up leaving it at a corner after awhile.
Great device ! Hope it will last me a long long time.

TriTone™ Starter Kit
melody grace lingad

Easy to use

Great product

After using for a week , I see a difference!

Tritone Starter Kit

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now, I think I slowly see some positive results on the cheek area.Will continue to use and hopefully continues to work on the double chin area!

It works

I can tell the difference on my face when I stopped drinking it for a few weeks. My skin was drier and lack lustre.

Brighter skin

I have been undergoing a lot of stress. It does help me to feel calmer and skin looks brighter.

Definitely helps me with the calm mood

The collagen do help me to sleep better and feeling less anxious. I feel more relax at night and even at work. Will continue to try out for over a period to see if it helps with my complexion. (: